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Antonio SPIGA
Founder &
General Manager 

Antonio Spiga holds a Master in Business Administration from Laureate University, London. He is a certified Palladium Kaplan-Norton Strategy Management and Balanced Scorecard practitioner. He has a wide professional experience in the wine and hospitality industries. He worked for the Bordeaux Wine Council covering several functions and still collaborates with the Bordeaux Wine School as a wine educator. He teaches wine business management at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux and is also lecturer in other schools and Universities in France and Italy. His researches are regularly presented in international conferences. A recent paper « Strategy Management in the Wine Industry: Business Model and Strategy Integration » has been presented at the AAWE (American Association of Wine Economics) Conference in Bordeaux. Its updated version is going to be presented at Sonoma State University in July and soon to be published. His competencies and interests in research cover topics such as strategic management, SMEs development, enterprise performance management, strategic sustainability.     

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